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This site is to track progress of development projects of SIL Graphite or related development projects only. It is designed for developers only. Not for end users.



We want to see major computer platforms support the display of text for all scripts (writing systems) that  are still daily used by some people on earth.

Why SIL Graphite?

There are many complex scripts (writing system) that are currently daily used by many many people. A lot of these people do not live in a high economic environment now. Most of the commercial companies will not invest to support these writing systems into their operating systems/applications. SIL Graphite is designed to fill that hole.
SIL Graphite gives the font designer a way to decide the text rendering behaviour without the need to modify the source code of application software. This means that once an operating system/technology/application is Graphite enabled, a language researcher can design their writing system in a jungle without heavy communication with the developers of all these software packages. This is very important since most of the under developed writing system are currently isolated in some areas which lack good communication facilities. This does NOT imply those writing system researchers do not have the responsibility to publish their research.

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