How to compile Graphite on Linux now?

Dan Glassey <>
Frank Yung-Fong Tang <>

Version: 1.2
Last Modified: 7/28/2003

1. Check out the tip

cvs login 

(password "", only press enter)

cvs -z3 co  silgraphite

If you have problem - see the cvs page for silgraphite

2. Build

Make sure you have the relatively recent versions of automake and autoconf
cd silgraphite
(this will run aclocal, autoconf, automake and libtoolize)
(and optionally log into as su for installation)
make install
Take a look at INSTALL and ./configure --help

3. Build the XftHello Demo App

[to be written] In addition to silgraphite, you need to install FreeType2 and Xft to build this demo app.
cd silgraphite/contrib/XftHelloWorld